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Media Coverage

Serial Predators: The Connection Between Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
End the Backlog; October 24, 2017

Lawmakers Urge Reforms to Sexual Assault Kit Processing, Access to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners
Congressman Patrick Meehan, 7th District Pennsylvania; October 9, 2017

Understanding an Epidemic: Researchers Delve into the Expanding Opioid Crisis—and Work to Combat It
Think Magazine; October 9, 2017

Demonstrating Success: Researchers Help Small Nonprofits Make Their Case
Think Magazine; October 9, 2017

Fatal opioid traffickers targeted by nearly $1 million federal grant
EurekAlert!,, Science Magazine, NewsWise; October 6, 2017

Case Western Reserve and Cleveland Municipal Court receive Justice Department grants to fight opioid epidemic
Cleveland Plain Dealer; October 3, 2017

What might we learn from the Ohio Rape Kit Survey project?: Progress Report
Cleveland Plain Dealer; September 27, 2017

Study: Relapse prevention medications like Vivitrol and Suboxone used in drug courts have minimal impact on recidivism
Cleveland Plain Dealer; September 6, 2017

Community Safety Concerns Impact Health Outcomes
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; August 17, 2017

Backlog Of Untested Rape Kits On The Agenda When Lawmakers Return To State Capitol
Capital Public Radio; August 17, 2017

Twice as Many Teen Girls Are Killing Themselves and We Don’t Know Why
Tonic/Vice; August 16, 2017

Tracking Ohio’s Rape Kits
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; August 2, 2017

Help find out what’s happened with 13,931 Ohio rape kits sent for testing
Cleveland Plain Dealer; July 20, 2017

Despite backlog of rape kits, California lawmakers aren’t requiring they be tested or tallied
Daily News; July 8, 2017

DNA from thousands of Cuyahoga County felony arrests never taken, not in CODIS crime-solving database
Cleveland Plain Dealer; June 16, 2017

Mariska Hargitay testifies combating sexual assault
C-SPAN; June 16, 2017

Processing rape kits saves heartache and money, Cuyahoga prosecutors tell congressional task force
Cleveland Plain Dealer; June 16, 2017

Case Western Researchers Will Track City’s Youth Violence Program
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; June 9, 2017

What makes a city safe? These 11 Greater Cleveland communities are ranked among the safest in Ohio
Cleveland Plain Dealer; June 1, 2017

Teens at Risk: Struggling with Harassment and Depression
Think Magazine; May 1, 2017

Beating Bullying: Researching Effective Programs to Combat Aggression
Think Magazine; May 1, 2017

Lawmakers set to pass rape kit retention bill, but not mandatory testing
The Baltimore Sun; April 3, 2017

A Plea for Justice: Cuyahoga County accused rapists spend, on average, just 5.3 years behind bars
WEWS; February 23, 2017

Juvenile Diversion Programs
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; February 20, 2017

Special Report: Lincoln’s unsolved rape cases
1011Now; February 15, 2017

Rape Kit Research Update
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; February 14, 2017

Hamilton County juvenile court program keeps kid felons out of Ohio’s juvenile system
Cincinatti Enquirer; February 11, 2017

Missed opportunities’ provide lessons for better rape investigations and prosecutions
Cleveland Plain Dealer; February 10, 2017

She was a crack fiend’ excuse less accepted as rape investigations and prosecutions improve
Cleveland Plain Dealer; February 10, 2017

Cleveland’s struggle to curb violence brings new approach: Pathways to Peace
Cleveland Plain Dealer; January 26, 2017

No testing, no pattern. Serial rapist connected to seven assaults in Dallas
End the Backlog; January 23, 2017

Even after backlogged rape kits tested, convictions are rare
CBS News; December 21, 2016

A flawed, inconsistent police response to sexual assault in Maryland
Baltimore Sun; December 3, 2016

Why Testing Rape Kits Would Save Us Millions In Fight To Catch Serial Rapists
Elite Daily; November 29, 2016

Testing of backlogged rape evidence leads to hundreds of convictions
WFMY News 2; November 20, 2016

Testing of backlogged rape evidence leads to hundreds of convictions
The Conversation; November 13, 2016

Stopping Rapists: Uncovering Clues from Tested Kits
Think Magazine; November 1, 2016

Cuyahoga Co. rape task force gets huge boost from Department of Justice
News 5 Cleveland; September 30, 2016

Sexual Assault Kit Task Force, Case Western researchers get $3 million for rape kit work, to collect ‘owed’ DNA
Cleveland Plain Dealer; September 30, 2016

It’s Official: Testing Rape Kits Prevents Assault And Saves Everybody Millions
Forbes; September 14, 2016

Congress Just Unanimously Passed the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights
Broadly/Vice; September 8, 2016

The U.S. Is One Step Closer to a Federal Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights
Slate; September 7, 2016

Testing Rape Kit Backlogs Saves Millions Of Dollars
Vocativ; September 7, 2016

This Group Is Sending a Rape Kit to Every U.S. Governor
New York Magazine/The Cut; August 11, 2016

The Disturbing Truth: Rape Kit Study Paints New Picture of Sex Offenders
Sputnik News; August 6, 2016

Sound of Ideas: Rape Kit Testing & Research
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; June 30, 2016

The cost of testing rape kits: Experts say it’s saved us $38.7 million so far
Cleveland Plain Dealer; June 29, 2016

Cuyahoga County Leads the Nation in Its Rape Kit Response With 500th Indicted Man
Cleveland Plain Dealer; June 29, 2016

Case To Analyze Ohio’s Procedures For Rape-Kit Backlog
WKSU; June 28, 2016

5 misconceptions about rape
Chicago Tribune; June 13, 2016

Researchers Just Revealed a Startling Truth about Sexual Assault
ATTN; June 10, 2016

Five Myths about Rape
Washington Post; June 10, 2016

Rape Kit Tests in Ohio Find More Than Half of Sexual Assaults Committed by Serial Killers
New York Times; June 9, 2016

Serial Rapists Are More Common Than We Knew And Testing Rape Kits Is Only Part Of The Answer to Reducing Sexual Assault
Bustle; June 7, 2016

It’s Very Likely that Brock Turner Will Commit Another Sexual Assault
Women’s Health; June 7, 2016

Case Western: Testing Backlogged Rape Kits Leads to 250 Convictions
Newsnet5 Cleveland; June 7, 2016

What Testing 5,000 Backlogged Rape Kits Just Told Us About Rapists
Refinery29; June 7, 2016

The Disturbing Thing Researchers Found When They Finally Looked at 5,000 Untested Rape Kits
Teen Vogue; June 7, 2016

Serial Rapists ‘Far More Common’ Than Thought
Newser; June 7, 2016

Serial Rapists are Far More Common Than Thought, Analysis of 5,000 ‘Forgotten and Backlogged’ Rape Kits in Ohio Reveals
Daily Mail; June 7, 2016

Analysis of 5,000 Forgotten Rape Kits Reveals Unexpectedly High Number of Serial Rapists
Independent; June 7, 2016

Study of Untested Rape Kits Show That Serial Rapists Are Unexpectedly Common
Oxygen; June 7, 2016

Testing of Backlogged Rape Kits Yields New Insights into Rapists
Science Daily; June 6, 2016

Report: Testing Old ‘Rape Kits’ Led to New Convictions, Reveals New Data about Sex Predators
UPI; June 6, 2016

Analysis of Untested Rape Kits Reveals Serial Rapists are ‘Far More Common’ Than We Thought
Jezebel; June 6, 2016

A Great Reason to Test Old Rape Kits: Preventing Future Rapes
New York Magazine; June 6, 2016

Rape Kit Data Yield Major Implications for Sexual Assault Investigations
EurekaAlert!; June 6, 2016

Rape kit data yield major implications for sexual assault investigations; June 6, 2016

Analysis of Untested Rape Kits Reveals Serial Rapists are ‘Far More Common’ Than We Thought
Jezebel; June 6, 2016

Serial sex assault and what might be learned from the case of Louis Bello
Cleveland Plain Dealer; March 15, 2016

6 new things local researchers have learned about about serial rapists
Cleveland Plain Dealer; March 11, 2016

What local research about rape kits could mean for stopping serial rapists
Cleveland Plain Dealer; March 11, 2016

This New Bill Could Make A World Of Difference To Sexual Assault Survivors
Self; February 24, 2016

CSI Cleveland: How the City Is Curbing Sexual Assault
The Christian Science Monitor; February 21, 2016

Why an Ohio Supreme Court case involving rape kits is drawing national attention
Cleveland Plain Dealer; February 1, 2016