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Media Coverage

2018 Media

Delays, blunders and police neglect in Wisconsin’s response to rape kits

Wisconsin Journal Sentinel; June 13, 2018


Anthony Bourdain was proud of Cleveland

WKYC Cleveland; June 8, 2018


The unacceptable cost of delaying rape kit testing

San Francisco Chronicle; May 30, 2018


Almost half face death: Preventing murder by addressing domestic violence

Progressive Charlestown; May 28, 2018


Case Western Researchers Determine Domestic Violence Victims Are Higher-Risks for Homicide

MSN; May 24, 2018


Case Western Researchers Determine Domestic Violence Victims Are Higher-Risks for Homicide

Cleveland Scene Magazine; May 23, 2018


Preventing murder by addressing domestic violence

EurekAlert!; May 21, 2018


Case Western report: Cleveland domestic violence victims at high risk of being killed by abusers

News 5 Cleveland; May 18, 2018


Going After Opioid Dealers: Researchers Help Improve Tools for Investigators and Prosecutors

Think Magazine; May 15, 2018


Fallen through the cracks:’ Overdue DNA swabs link to murders, sexual assaults

Cleveland Plain Dealer; May 13, 2018


Weathersbee: Stopping school bullies requires bravery from all sides, not just the bullied

Memphis Commercial Appeal; May 10, 2018


How do you talk with your children about gun violence? ‘Guns: An American Conversation’

Cleveland Plain Dealer; May 4, 2018

Reprinted in:

New Orleans Times-Picayune, Oregonian, Massechusetts Republican, Syracuse Post-Standard, New Jersey Star Ledger, Pennsylvania Patriot News, and more


Who’s protecting our kids? Ohio schools lack security regulations

News 5 Cleveland; May 3, 2018


Cleveland sex crimes, special investigative units more understaffed than patrol

Cleveland Plain Dealer; April 13, 2018


New research from CWRU reveals information previously known about serial rapists to be wrong

News 5 Cleveland; March 20, 2018


Call For Action To Prevent Gun Violence

Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; March 12, 2018


Even without the bombast and shouting, it’s hard to find common ground on school safety and guns: Michael K. McIntyre

Cleveland Plain Dealer; March 11, 2018


National experts join forces to create action plan to prevent school shootings

News 5 Cleveland; March 9, 2018


Preventing School Shootings

Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; February 28, 2018


Completed testing of 13,931 rape kits signals progress, unfinished business and investigations remain

Cleveland Plain Dealer; February 23, 2018


Impacts of witnessing violence

Global News Radio 770 CHQR; February 22, 2018


Serial rapists don’t necessarily have an MO

The Marion Star; February 19, 2018


More than 1,200 rape kits sitting idle in Pennsylvania

TRIB Live; February 6, 2018

2017 Media

Cleveland team tackles ‘high risk’ domestic violence cases to improve safety, reduce deaths

Cleveland Plain Dealer; December 31, 2017

Untested Rape Kits Hid 817 Serial Predators in Detroit, Tens of Thousands More Concealed in Backlog Across U.S.

Newsweek; December 19, 2017

Serial Predators: The Connection Between Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
End the Backlog; October 24, 2017

Lawmakers Urge Reforms to Sexual Assault Kit Processing, Access to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners
Congressman Patrick Meehan, 7th District Pennsylvania; October 9, 2017

Understanding an Epidemic: Researchers Delve into the Expanding Opioid Crisis—and Work to Combat It
Think Magazine; October 9, 2017

Demonstrating Success: Researchers Help Small Nonprofits Make Their Case
Think Magazine; October 9, 2017

Fatal opioid traffickers targeted by nearly $1 million federal grant
EurekAlert!,, Science Magazine, NewsWise; October 6, 2017

Case Western Reserve and Cleveland Municipal Court receive Justice Department grants to fight opioid epidemic
Cleveland Plain Dealer; October 3, 2017

What might we learn from the Ohio Rape Kit Survey project?: Progress Report
Cleveland Plain Dealer; September 27, 2017

Study: Relapse prevention medications like Vivitrol and Suboxone used in drug courts have minimal impact on recidivism
Cleveland Plain Dealer; September 6, 2017

Community Safety Concerns Impact Health Outcomes
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; August 17, 2017

Backlog Of Untested Rape Kits On The Agenda When Lawmakers Return To State Capitol
Capital Public Radio; August 17, 2017

Twice as Many Teen Girls Are Killing Themselves and We Don’t Know Why
Tonic/Vice; August 16, 2017

DNA collected at arrest often not removed from crime databases for those not convicted

Cleveland Plain Dealer; August 13, 2017

Tracking Ohio’s Rape Kits
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; August 2, 2017

Help find out what’s happened with 13,931 Ohio rape kits sent for testing
Cleveland Plain Dealer; July 20, 2017

Despite backlog of rape kits, California lawmakers aren’t requiring they be tested or tallied
Daily News; July 8, 2017

DNA from thousands of Cuyahoga County felony arrests never taken, not in CODIS crime-solving database
Cleveland Plain Dealer; June 16, 2017

Mariska Hargitay testifies combating sexual assault
C-SPAN; June 16, 2017

Processing rape kits saves heartache and money, Cuyahoga prosecutors tell congressional task force
Cleveland Plain Dealer; June 16, 2017

Case Western Researchers Will Track City’s Youth Violence Program
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; June 9, 2017

What makes a city safe? These 11 Greater Cleveland communities are ranked among the safest in Ohio
Cleveland Plain Dealer; June 1, 2017

Teens at Risk: Struggling with Harassment and Depression
Think Magazine; May 1, 2017

Beating Bullying: Researching Effective Programs to Combat Aggression
Think Magazine; May 1, 2017

Lawmakers set to pass rape kit retention bill, but not mandatory testing
The Baltimore Sun; April 3, 2017

Serial rapists responsible for at least 600 attacks linked to untested evidence, authorities believe

Cleveland Plain Dealer; March 28, 2017

A Plea for Justice: Cuyahoga County accused rapists spend, on average, just 5.3 years behind bars
WEWS; February 23, 2017

Juvenile Diversion Programs
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; February 20, 2017

Rape Kit Research Update
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; February 14, 2017

Hamilton County juvenile court program keeps kid felons out of Ohio’s juvenile system
Cincinatti Enquirer; February 11, 2017

Missed opportunities’ provide lessons for better rape investigations and prosecutions
Cleveland Plain Dealer; February 10, 2017

She was a crack fiend’ excuse less accepted as rape investigations and prosecutions improve
Cleveland Plain Dealer; February 10, 2017

Cleveland’s struggle to curb violence brings new approach: Pathways to Peace
Cleveland Plain Dealer; January 26, 2017

No testing, no pattern. Serial rapist connected to seven assaults in Dallas
End the Backlog; January 23, 2017

2016 Media

Effect of Witnessing Violence on Children
BYU; December 24, 2016

Cuyahoga County Juvenile Division Lead Prosecutor Will Head Cleveland’s New Youth-Violence Program
WKSU; December 6, 2016

New plan to reduce youth violence approaches it as public health issue
Cleveland Plain Dealer, October 30, 2016

Trauma in Youth
The Academic Minute; June 27, 2016

Is a return to old-school policing part of the formula to make Cleveland safer? Pathways to Peace
Cleveland Plain Dealer; June 8, 2016

CMHA Police Build Relationships As They Help to Solve Problems: Pathways to Peace
Cleveland Plain Dealer; June 8, 2016

Why Does New Orleans Have More Murders Than Similar Cities? Experts Search for Answers
The Times-Picayune; May 11, 2016

Turning down the heat
Think Magazine; May 1, 2016

Online Anti-Bullying Course Drops School Abuse
Counsel & Heal; April 21, 2016

Online Program Reduces Bullying Behavior in Schools, Tests Show
PsyPost; April 19, 2016

Here’s How Witnessing Violence Harms Children’s Mental Health
The Conversation; March 28, 2016

Interview: Mark Fleisher’s “Living Black: Social Life In An African American Neighborhood” 
WORT; March 14, 2016

2016 Media – Sexual Assault Kit Initiative

Even after backlogged rape kits tested, convictions are rare
CBS News; December 21, 2016

A flawed, inconsistent police response to sexual assault in Maryland
Baltimore Sun; December 3, 2016

Why Testing Rape Kits Would Save Us Millions In Fight To Catch Serial Rapists
Elite Daily; November 29, 2016

Testing of backlogged rape evidence leads to hundreds of convictions
WFMY News 2; November 20, 2016

Testing of backlogged rape evidence leads to hundreds of convictions
The Conversation; November 13, 2016

Stopping Rapists: Uncovering Clues from Tested Kits
Think Magazine; November 1, 2016

Cuyahoga Co. rape task force gets huge boost from Department of Justice
News 5 Cleveland; September 30, 2016

Sexual Assault Kit Task Force, Case Western researchers get $3 million for rape kit work, to collect ‘owed’ DNA
Cleveland Plain Dealer; September 30, 2016

It’s Official: Testing Rape Kits Prevents Assault And Saves Everybody Millions
Forbes; September 14, 2016

Congress Just Unanimously Passed the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights
Broadly/Vice; September 8, 2016

The U.S. Is One Step Closer to a Federal Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights
Slate; September 7, 2016

Testing Rape Kit Backlogs Saves Millions Of Dollars
Vocativ; September 7, 2016

This Group Is Sending a Rape Kit to Every U.S. Governor
New York Magazine/The Cut; August 11, 2016

The Disturbing Truth: Rape Kit Study Paints New Picture of Sex Offenders
Sputnik News; August 6, 2016

Sound of Ideas: Rape Kit Testing & Research
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; June 30, 2016

The cost of testing rape kits: Experts say it’s saved us $38.7 million so far
Cleveland Plain Dealer; June 29, 2016

Cuyahoga County Leads the Nation in Its Rape Kit Response With 500th Indicted Man
Cleveland Plain Dealer; June 29, 2016

Case To Analyze Ohio’s Procedures For Rape-Kit Backlog
WKSU; June 28, 2016

5 misconceptions about rape
Chicago Tribune; June 13, 2016

Researchers Just Revealed a Startling Truth about Sexual Assault
ATTN; June 10, 2016

Five Myths about Rape
Washington Post; June 10, 2016

Rape Kit Tests in Ohio Find More Than Half of Sexual Assaults Committed by Serial Killers
New York Times; June 9, 2016

Serial Rapists Are More Common Than We Knew And Testing Rape Kits Is Only Part Of The Answer to Reducing Sexual Assault
Bustle; June 7, 2016

It’s Very Likely that Brock Turner Will Commit Another Sexual Assault
Women’s Health; June 7, 2016

Case Western: Testing Backlogged Rape Kits Leads to 250 Convictions
Newsnet5 Cleveland; June 7, 2016

What Testing 5,000 Backlogged Rape Kits Just Told Us About Rapists
Refinery29; June 7, 2016

The Disturbing Thing Researchers Found When They Finally Looked at 5,000 Untested Rape Kits
Teen Vogue; June 7, 2016

Serial Rapists ‘Far More Common’ Than Thought
Newser; June 7, 2016

Serial Rapists are Far More Common Than Thought, Analysis of 5,000 ‘Forgotten and Backlogged’ Rape Kits in Ohio Reveals
Daily Mail; June 7, 2016

Analysis of 5,000 Forgotten Rape Kits Reveals Unexpectedly High Number of Serial Rapists
Independent; June 7, 2016

Study of Untested Rape Kits Show That Serial Rapists Are Unexpectedly Common
Oxygen; June 7, 2016

Testing of Backlogged Rape Kits Yields New Insights into Rapists
Science Daily; June 6, 2016

Report: Testing Old ‘Rape Kits’ Led to New Convictions, Reveals New Data about Sex Predators
UPI; June 6, 2016

Analysis of Untested Rape Kits Reveals Serial Rapists are ‘Far More Common’ Than We Thought
Jezebel; June 6, 2016

A Great Reason to Test Old Rape Kits: Preventing Future Rapes
New York Magazine; June 6, 2016

Rape Kit Data Yield Major Implications for Sexual Assault Investigations
EurekaAlert!; June 6, 2016

Rape kit data yield major implications for sexual assault investigations; June 6, 2016

Analysis of Untested Rape Kits Reveals Serial Rapists are ‘Far More Common’ Than We Thought
Jezebel; June 6, 2016

Serial sex assault and what might be learned from the case of Louis Bello
Cleveland Plain Dealer; March 15, 2016

6 new things local researchers have learned about about serial rapists
Cleveland Plain Dealer; March 11, 2016

What local research about rape kits could mean for stopping serial rapists
Cleveland Plain Dealer; March 11, 2016

This New Bill Could Make A World Of Difference To Sexual Assault Survivors
Self; February 24, 2016

CSI Cleveland: How the City Is Curbing Sexual Assault
The Christian Science Monitor; February 21, 2016

Why an Ohio Supreme Court case involving rape kits is drawing national attention
Cleveland Plain Dealer; February 1, 2016

2015 Media

‘Living Black’ Named Among CBR’s Best Books of 2016
Chicago Books Review, December 28, 2015

Human Trafficking an increased concern as Cleveland’s RNC approaches
Case Observer; September 18, 2015

Case is getting $465,000 to analyze Ohio’s procedures for rape-kit backlog
89.7 WKSU; September 14, 2015

Experts Struggle to Explain Rise in Cleveland Gun Violence
Associated Press; October 29, 2015

U.S. Violent Crime Rate Drops Significantly Since 1980s
HealthDay; August 4, 2015

Reprinted in U.S. News and World Report

Ben Carson: Many prisoners go in straight, come out gay
Politifact; March 4, 2015

Safety Forces and the Mentally Ill
Ideastream/Sound of Ideas; January 28, 2015

Podcast: Cuyahoga County Defending Childhood Initative

Center for Court Innovation; January 1, 2015