Winter 2017

47757c58628808fccb3728c8ef1345c7Kristina Anderson, Founder and Director of the Koshka Foundation, is a survivor of the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting and one of our distinguished board members. She started the foundation so others would never forget April 16, 2007. Learn more about her in…An Interview with Kristina Anderson



3e6c049e-28b2-4c06-9a70-d99223747e56Jeff Kretschmar, PhD is a Research Assistant Professor, Senior Research Associate and now the new Managing Director of the Begun Center. Jeff’s area of expertise include juvenile behavioral health, domestic violence, child trauma and community based research. Learn more about him in…An Interview with Jeff Kretschmar





Low Key Shot of Sad Child

Poly-Victimization Across Social Contexts – Senior Research Associate Fred Butcher and colleagues recently published an article examining childhood exposure to violence across social contexts.

Nationally, a large proportion of youth experience exposure to violence (ETV) in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods and research has consistently shown that ETV is linked to symptoms of trauma. Juvenile justice-involved youth are particularly at risk for ETV and accurate assessment for this population is vital to their treatment. We examined data from a sample of juvenile justice-involved youth and found that measures of ETV should take into account the cumulative effect of violence across multiple social contexts. Youth who experience ETV in homes, schools, and neighborhoods are particularly vulnerable since they are likely to have few, if any locations in which they feel safe from violence.

Butcher, F., Holmes, M. R., Kretschmar, J. M., & Flannery, D. J. (2016). Poly-victimization across social contexts: Home, school, and neighborhood violence exposure. Criminal Justice and Behavior. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1177/0093854816662679



12644998_509482529238265_6137854149890469902_nSexual Assault Kit Research gets national attention and more funding… 

The Begun Center is partnering with the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office on two recently awarded BJA grants to test more backlogged sexual assault kits and initiate more research into DNA testing on perpetrators. Read more about our previous and current work for SAKI…





Recent Media Mentions, Blogs and Interviews…

To Stop Bullying in Children, Show Them How to Get AlongJane Timmons Mitchell, Senior Research Associate, wrote a blog post for Psychology Today giving insight to curb bullying in our children.

Even After Back-logged Kits are Tested, Convictions are RareRachel Lovell, Senior Research Associate, was interviewed by CBS regarding back-logged rape kits and their associated conviction rates.

Cleveland’s New Youth Violence Prevention ProgramDaniel Flannery, Director and Professor of the Begun Center, is helping the city shape its new youth violence prevention program.


New Staff and Promotions…

The Begun Center recently promoted Fred Butcher to Senior Research Associate and Leon Harris, Laura Overman and Tiffany Walker to Research Associates. Welcome to all newly hired staff…Misty Luminais as a Senior Research Associate and Research Associates Rebecca Bray and Ashley Bukach.

Congratulations and Welcome!!

Advisory Board News…

Patrick Kanary, M.Ed., has agreed to join the Begun Center Advisory Board.  Patrick recently retired as the Director of the Center for Evidence Based Practices at the Begun Center, and brings with him decades of valuable experience in community-based, inter-system policy and program development, with particular focus on youth and family issues.  Patrick serves on the Board of the Georgetown Children’s Mental Health National Technical Assistance Center and is a program reviewer for SAMSHA’s National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices (NREPP). Learn about our other board members