Juvenile Justice

Juvenile justice involved youth pose a challenge to their community. To address their needs and identify helpful interventions, we collaborate with organizations from diverse disciplines to evaluate juvenile justice programming and improve juvenile justice policies and practices.

Ohio’s Behavioral Health/Juvenile Justice (BHJJ) program is a diversion program for juvenile justice-involved youth between the ages of 10-18 who also suffer from mental or behavioral health issues. In lieu of detention, the BHJJ program diverts youth into more comprehensive, community-based behavioral health treatment. The Begun Center provides research and evaluation support for the initiative and recently released a 10 year report for the project. Learn more about BHJJ>

The Begun Center serves as the evaluation partner for the Cuyahoga County Defending Childhood Initiative (DCI). Evaluation activities include identification of appropriate assessment instruments, analysis of screening and pre/post test data for youth receiving trauma-informed care, evaluation of training sessions held for the child-serving agencies in the area, and possible assessment of the effectiveness of a community awareness campaign. Learn more about DCI>

The Begun Center serves as a research partner with Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court to enhance the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Delinquency Drug Court programming for youth and families in order to realize reductions in recidivism, incarceration and youth substance use while enhancing family strengths.

Jeff Kretschmar, PhD, Principal Investigator 

The Begun Center serves as a research partner with the Montgomery County Juvenile Court to evaluate the SAMHSA/CSAT funded Juvenile Drug Court Expansion Project and provide data and outcomes relative to court activities and participant success.

Jeff Kretschmar, PhD, Principal Investigator

The Begun Center serves as a research and evaluation partner to 12 counties across Ohio and provides support and expertise for their Competitive RECLAIM project, funded by the Ohio Department of Youth Services.  
The Begun Center serves as a research and evaluation partner to the Ohio Department of Youth Services (ODYS) for their Targeted Reclaim project. Visit ODYS to learn more about Targeted Reclaim.

Jane Timmons Mitchell, PhD, Principal Investigator