Patricia Ross Martin

216.368.6293  |  |  Mandel School 375

ross-martinPATRICIA ROSS MARTIN is the Department Assistant for the Center for Innovative Practices at the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU)’s Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences.

BACKGROUND  |  Patricia has contributed 30 years of service to CWRU, most of them at the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations, working in the area of Finance and Administration. She has successfully completed several courses in accounting and also attended numerous classes at Case Western Reserve University along with accounting workshops and seminars, which include: The United Way Annual Not-For-Profit Accounting and Financial seminar, Business Writing for Professionals and Professional Development for Women.

COMPETENCIES  |  In addition to her accounting skills she has hired, trained, supervised, and coordinated the schedules of a talented pool of student employees motivating them for high performance. In addition, Patricia assists with organizing and coordinating special projects and celebrations, which build morale and team spirit.

AWARDS  |  Patricia has also been recognized by the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences for her exemplary service, receiving awards in 2003 and 2007, as well as 2013.

Q: Why is your work at the Begun Center important to you, to our community, and to the world?

Working at the Begun Center and supporting the Center for Innovative Practices in the day to day operations, and being a gatekeeper, charged with keeping the Director on task for the work CIP is providing. Whenever possible sharing what I’ve learned back to my community when and wherever possible.

Q: What is a cause about which you are particularly passionate?

As a grandmother of eight; from the ages of 4 to 16, my commitment to them and all children and the Encouragement of Spirituality for hope, courage and strength. My passion is working with the Elderly, unfortunately, sometimes it’s like working with children.