Michael Fox  |  Research Associate

Michael Fox, MSSA, PCC, LCDCIII is a Research Associate with the Center for Innovative Practices at the Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU)’s Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences.

Combining experiences from mental health and substance abuse direct treatment, systemic and contextual coordination, and teaching with research-driven data, Mike works with demonstrated practices to assist professionals and communities decrease risk to individuals and help families.

He provides educational trainings and consultations to professionals working with youth and families with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues, including the Integrated Co-occurring Treatment Model (ICT) model developed by the Center for Innovative Practices. The ICT model is designed to provide clinicians with a process and framework for organizing information in order to assess, conceptualize, and intervene in a coordinated and integrated fashion. In addition, ICT focuses on assisting the clinicians with the positive engagement and retention of youth and families, as well as better recognition of family culture and contexts. ICT also aids clinicians, program leaders, and relevant stakeholders in creating realistic service expectations, in the process decreasing clinician frustration, burnout, and fatigue when dealing with a challenging population.

Previously, Mike worked in the addictions field of counseling with adults and later provided treatment to co-occurring youth in home-based settings. Mike also teaches college courses in psychology, addictions and human development.

“Integrated Co-Occuring Treatment”
Tampa, FL at the Children’s Mental Health Research and Policy Conference

email: michael.fox2@case.edu