Who We Are

The Begun Center is currently made up of 52 individuals, including students and administrative support. Our faculty, researchers, and trainers are from a wide range of disciplines including psychology, education, social work, sociology, anthropology, and criminal justice. Senior faculty and researchers are nationally-recognized and well-cited scholars in the areas of juvenile justice, specialty courts, violence prevention, behavioral health, community-based research, and law enforcement.


Daniel Flannery, PhD
Mark Singer, PhD
Mark Fleisher, PhD
David Hussey, PhD
Jeff Kretschmar, PhD
Fredrick Butcher, PhD

Senior Research Associates

Margaret Baughman-Sladky, PhD
Rachel Lovell, PhD
Misty Luminais, PhD
Michelle Riske-Morris, JD, PhD
Richard Shepler, PhD, Director, Center for Innovative Practices
Chris Stormann, PhD
Rodney Thomas, MA
Jane Timmons-Mitchell, PhD

Trainers, Center for Innovative Practices

Bobbi Beale, PsyD
Renne Dragomir, MEd, LPCC-S, IMFT-S, LICDC-CS
Michael Fox, MSSA, PCC-S, LCDC III
Maureen Kishna, MSSA, LISW-S
Pamela Mitterling, MEd, RN, LPCC-S, LSW, LICDC-CS

Research Associates

Rebecca Bray, MSSA
Ashley Bukach, MPH
Sarah Fulton, MA
Angela Goldner, MPH
Jeff Huang, MS
Laura Overman, MA, MEd
Krystel Tossone, PhD, Center Statistician
Tiffany Walker, MA

Research Assistants

Christine Gordon
Chase Klingenstein
Sarah Limbacher
Maggie McGuire
David Rinderle
Sammy Situ, LLM, MSSA
Madison Wheeler


Wendy Boerger, Department Administrator
Samantha Cocco. MA, Marketing, Communication, & Events Specialist
Patricia Ross Martin, Department Assistant, Center for Innovative Practices

Doctoral Candidates

Kristen Berg, MS
Seungjong Cho, MSW
Janelle Duda-Banwar, MSW
Wenxuan Huang, MGS
Tugba Olgac, MSSA
Greg Powers, MSc
Aviva Vincent, MSW
Liuhong Yang, MS
Dalhee Yoon, MSW

MSSA Candidates

Xiao Ding
John Halle
Katherine Lewis

Undergraduate Students

Julia Cedeno
Sierra Gray
Molly Moyer
Tori Scheidt
Shelby Shvorob